A bit of good news today....

Posted on 4th August, 2017

Hi all, hope you are well.   A bit of good news to report today.  Got the results from my recent CT scan and the cancer has not spread to any of my vital organs :>). Also, my blood results are normal regarding liver function etc, which means that there are no nasty reactions to the Abiraterone and I seem to be tolerating it very well. Will get PSA results in a couple of weeks, so hopefully the Abiraterone is doing its job and keeping the numbers down.

So its celebrations all round as Mary is formally retiring today and we are looking forward to spending more quality time together ( hopefully in many hot and tropical places :>)


  Had a great weekend recently down in London, where I went to  

  the Pink Floyd exhibition in the V@A museum which was amazing, 

  followed by a brilliant Bank of America reunion night in Croydon.

  So great to catch up with many old friends and colleagues, fantastic 



To continue the Pink Floyd theme, I ticked of another thing on my bucket list and got a couple of Pink Floyd tattoos.  Still an old rocker at heart !!










Keep happy and well and will post again in a couple of weeks.

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Comments (3)

Great news re your scan and you're rockin the tats!
Hope you and Mary are enjoying some sunny weather somewhere nice! X

Grahame : Thanks Debbie. Sunning ourselves down in he South of France for a few weeks. Nice and hot and sunny xxx
That's great news Graham, hope you and Mary have a wonderful time sailing off into the sunset together xx
Grahame : Cheers guys xxx
Hi graham, so glad to hear ur good news. Tell mary now that's she has retired I shall be holding her to some walks. X
Grahame : Thanks Moira. In South of France for a few weeks chilling. Mary will keep you to that xxx