Just to say a huge thanks .....

Posted on 31st March, 2018

Just to say a huge thanks for all your support and lovely comments.


My Blog has now had in excess of 10,000 unique visitors. So this proves it has caught the attention of lots of people who have been touched in some way by this horrible disease and by others who are just looking for some more information or maybe some early signs.


Remember guys, if anything changes down below, not matter how small the changes ( ie, more frequent toilet visits, waiting longer to pee, changes in penis size and clear or no semen ), please make an appointment with your doc for a simple PSA blood test ( and maybe a finger up the rear end to follow !! ).  Wives / partners, take the lead !!

With very early diagnosis over 90% will beat this disease.  By the time I was diagnosed, the cancer had already spread outside the prostate, making it much more difficult to beat !


For all of you who have left comments on my blog, I will post a reply under your comment.


Again, I am totally humbled by your support. Thanks from the bottom of my heart ( or even the heart of my bottom in this case :>)



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