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Hi Grahame,
Here’s hoping this is your last night on 4.
You take care.
Hi Graham.....we’re glad you got home today but the place isn’t the same without you!
Elaine and Amanda xxx

Grahame : Thanks you two, you made my stay in the Crosshouse Hilton very comfortable and kept a smile on my face ( and all the others ).
You were superstars, huge thanks. xxx
I'm sorry, very sorry to hear about your troubles. News has only just reached me. I've been out of touch for many years, and you used to know me as a Garven. I was one of your Uncle Wullie's lot. Say hi to Mary for me. Fiona and Derek too. All the best, Al. (email:

Grahame : Hi Alexander, thanks for the kind words. Will try and contact you via facebook/messenger.
Hi Grahame,

Just read your recent post, all the best and take care.

Grahame : Cheers Will, hope you and yours are well.
Dear Grahame. You truly are an inspiration. Wishing you the very best on this journey.

Grahame : thanks for the kind words Zelna, take care x
nice post
Hi Graeme Mike from BA networks , bit of a shock to hear but really believe your blog is of real use. Good luck mate

Grahame : Cheers Mike, long time no speak. Take care
Hey Grahame!

It is so good to see that million dollar smile of yours.

Please know that I think of you and your family often and you continue to be in my prayers.

I trust that you will recover soon and we can get together again for a pint of beer and a few laughs.

I still chuckle about the time in Dublin when someone was demonstrating their self-parking car and you commented:
"Well, what the hell... you could park a damn bus in that space"

Take care buddy.

Grahame : Cheers Carl. I noticed the IBM share price went down when you left and then back up again when I left :-) We were a good team and our meetings and presentations were always fun
I would like nothing better than to share a few beers with you, hopefully we can do that sometime, either in the US or the UK. Please let me know if you are planning any trips over here.
Take care and love to you and your family x
Hey Grahame,

I'm touched that despite your difficult situation you still haven't lost your interest your energy your humor and all your positive energy you always had. Your grandchilds are amazing :)
Thank you for sending information about how you are as at least me I sometimes keep forgetting about your situation. Apologies for that but I guess one reason may also be because I always have you in mind as such a positive person and there is no space for anything negative... and still there isn't cause you deal with your situation as positive as possible...
Btw I still have the Rangers / Stuttgart friendship scarf which I keep always telling the story when the talks comes to former times and Champions League ;-)

Again all the best and positive energy from me !

Grahame : Cheers for the kind and lovely comments Antonios. I always enjoyed working with you and meeting up on our travels. At least Stuttgart and Rangers had a better season with hopefully more to come this year for both of us.
Take care, keep well and hopefully IBM is looking after you.
All the very best, Grahame.

Hi Grahame, Fantastic picture. Had a read of your journey so far and it great to see your empowering your self with positive energy. I'm going to drop in form time to time to see how your going and remember I've got those big old dumbo ears if you ever need to have a chat. Will share the Blog with all I know. Talk to you soon ;-)

Grahame : Cheers Jeanne, I really miss our chats to put IBM to rights and all your inovative ideas. Would be great to catch up. Maybe I could join Mark the next time he is over in Dublin and arrange a few wee swallies ?
Huge thanks for your very generous donation for the Walk for men, really appreciated. Take care and keep well x
Stay strong big man and your lovely lady as well. Sending you and your family heart hugs x

Grahame : Huge thanks Gail xxx
Hi Grahame,

Great picture. You sound in good spirits considering the journey you are on !! - I wish you the best in the coming weeks.

Grahame : Yep keeping the pecker up ( well not really :>) Cheers Will and take care
Hey Grahame,
Mark just shared your blog.
I'm so sorry to hear about your cancer :(
I wish you strength and courage for your new treatment.
I will follow your blog from now on.
All the best !
NB : love the pics with your grandkids :)

Grahame : Hi Berengere, nice to hear from you and many thanks for the kind words. Take care and keep well x
My father has the diagnosis you have. He's in his 70's I would like I ask more questions privately about your treatment. If you don't mind I would appreciate it.

Grahame : Hi Jenny, yes please feel free to ask as many questions as you have, either on messenger or to my email address and I will be glad to answer what I can.
Hope your dad is keeping well. Thanks and take care x
To the best Grampa ever and a real gentleman we are with you on this journey -anything we can do to support
Francis and Susan xx

Grahame : Huge thanks to you both for your kind words and support xxx
Hiya cuz
Great idea having the blog. Now we can follow your progress. I really hope this new programne works for you and that you will get a good number of pleasurable years to look forward to. I love the photo of you with all the bairns in bed.
Much love and hugs to you and Marydoll and hope to see you soon.

Grahame : Hi cuz, huge thanks and hopefully will get some positive results from all these alternative treatments !
Take care and hopefully see you soon xxx
Grahame, good to see you are about, sad to hear about your situation, but going to follow with interest as had a scare myself just before Christmas. Rooting for you and catch up soon


Grahame : Cheers Richard, good to hear from you. Hopefuly all is well for you now.
Take care and catch up soon.
Love you Always xxx

Grahame : Not as much as I love you my wee Marydoll xxx
We are all rooting for you! Love from us all! Love you loads xxx

Grahame : Huge thanks Marie. You, Jonny and my 2 wee pals certainly help keep me going. Love you xxx
Stick with it big man and get down my way soon.
Love always xx

Grahame : Down in July for BofA reunion.
Love you x
Hi dad, just checking guest book 📚 up and running and working ok 👍

Grahame : good man, cheers