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Posted on 17th July, 2018

Hi amazing friends, family and blog followers,


Just a very short update before next treatments commence.


I met with my Oncologist Professor last week, some not so good news but some promise regarding clinical trials.

A couple of days before my appointment, I had a nuclear bone scan. Although it was too early for the report to be written, the professor was able to access the pictures ( in black and white, no colour :>). Not great news, the bone metastasis has deteriorated significantly, especially in the lower spine and pelvis and has spread to other areas. I have a CT scan tonight and hopefully there has been no spread to my organs.


Plan of attack is a short burst of radiotherapy treatment to my spine to try and alleviate the discomfort,  followed by me starting on a new trial.

The trial involves 10 cycles of Docetaxel chemotherapy ( 3 weeks apart ) at the Beatson in Glasgow.

50% of participants are randomly selected for AZD5363 which is a new targeted therapy  designed to interfere with a cancer's ability to grow by blocking growth signals in the cancer cells ( ProCAID trial phase 2 ).  I won't know if I am on the drug or on the placebo ( neither will the professor ), so fingers crossed.

After the chemo has completed, I will also be considered for an immunotherapy trial. However, I only have a less than 30% chance that my geno/dna will be a fit so I might not even be considered - but watch this space ( feeling lucky ! ).


So not all doom and gloom and really cheered up as wee Cara is up for a couple of weeks working from home.  Great to see her and all her lovely friends that come by to visit.

And what about the weather in Scotland. Never had such a good tan and look like the healthiest guy in sunny Salcoats :>) 



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Good luck with the trial...sending my positive thoughts!!xx
Grahame : Many thanks Grazia. Take care xxx
Fingers crossed Graham, Marcello and me sending you good luck and best wishes the trial is successful xx

Grahame : Huge thanks Georgia. Hopefully catch up with Marcello and yourself soon xxx
Keeping everything crossed sending hugs x

Grahame : Many thanks Jean xxx
Always looking for your updates mate they are inspirational.

Grahame : Cheers Steve. Hopefully I will get down soon for a catch-up. Will give you a bell.