Disappointing news, but not unexpected !

Posted on 21st January, 2019

Hi family and friends,


I have now completed 8 of my 10 scheduled chemotherapy sessions and to be totally honest, it is now proving to be a something of a challenge !  I am constantly exhausted and have little or no energy. Recovery times are taking longer now after each treatment and the side effects are increasing.

I had an appointment with my oncology professor last week and the bottom line is that he has advised me to stop the chemo treatment and concentrate on quality time with my family and friends. All convential treatments have now been exhausted and it is now about trying to enjoy the time I have left without the horrible side effects.
























Although the chemo has resulted in a substantial reduction with my PSA count and even a slight improvement with the cancer in my bones, it is just keeping me in 'limbo' ! 

There is only one site where the cancer has spread and this is on my bottom left rib cage where unknowing to me, I had fractured a rib after a fall and the cancer has attached to the site !


Unfotunately when the chemo stops, the regression is usually quite aggressive !

My Prof is now talking months rather than years and has given me an estimated 50% chance of still being here in 9 months and a very small chance of lasting a year.

Not great odds, but I am in the habit of 'bucking the trend'.

The fight continues and I am certainly not throwing in the towel just yet :>)


Now it will be one day at a time and concentrating on planning for when my energy levels hopefully improve.


"I can't control what time I have left but I can choose what to do with it"


I have booked a trip for all my family ( x15 ) to go to Disneyland Paris for a few days at the end of April and only yesterday purchased a lovely static caravan overlooking the Holy Isle on the Isle of Arran.  Really looking forward to spending more happy and relaxing times in Arran with my family and friends ( Marydoll and my favourite place in the world :>). 


My daughter Cara is running the London Marathon on the 28th April to raise awareness and donations for Prostate Cancer research. I will share more details when I have them and hopefully cancount on your support, no matter how small.


During my long battle with this nasty disease, you have left so many lovely and uplifting messages, so please don't feel obliged to comment again. A simple 'like' on Facebook is more than enough.


Again as always, I am sure I wouldn't have lasted this long had it not been for all the incredible love and support from all my family and friends, especially my wee Marydoll who is my rock.


Take care and keep well and if you are a male of a 'certain age', get down to your local GP NOW and get yourself checked out.


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Jocky, you're a hero to me. What a fellow you are. Keep going as long as you can. I think of you every day.
Love from me and Tessa.

Grahame : Cheers John, love you guys xxx
Graham - you may not remember me, but I met you while working on the IBM Sales University in Killarney, Ireland all those years ago. I loved your sense of fun and down-to-earth attitude, which was a breath of fresh air. I have been following your Blog, which was kindly sent to me by Damien McGettrick (remember him?). Passing on best wishes during this difficult time for you and the family. You are a fighter for sure and no doubt are ready for this latest instalment in your battle. Go well and keep smiling:◦)

Grahame : I remember you well Freda ( and Damien ). These universities were great, both professionally and socially, happy days. Thanks so much and hope you and your family are all well xxx
You are a good man Graham with a heart of gold. Continue to stay positive. I'm coming up soon and will be in touch. Big hugs and kisses. Sally

Grahame : thanks Sally, would love to see you, give me a call when you are up x
Keep ur chin up 💙 i am sure u will all have a great time in at Disney land and trips to arran

Grahame : Cheers Ped, all the best.
Graham you are an inspiration and role model of strength and positivity, as is Mary. You are always in our thoughts and hearts. You and Mary got us through the most awful time and we are proud and blessed to have shared so many lovely times with you and your gorgeous family. Your caring and kindness to others in spite of your own illness will live on and long with all who were the lucky recipients.
Sending so much love to you, Mary and all your wonderful children and grandchildren ❤️❤️

Grahame : Huge thanks for the lovely comments and support Mandy and hopefully catch up very soon xxx
Graham I was sorry to hear your news, you are such a wonderful & inspirational person. All my love Ann xx

Grahame : Thanks for the lovely comments Ann xx
I feared the worse when your blog went off the air. I hope that stopping the wretched chemo will give you the strength to enjoy the time you have. I am so happy to know you Grahame and count you as a close friend even though you would yell at me for not passing the ball to your feet. You will leave a huge gap in so many lives and the Croydon reunions will never be the same. I look forward to seeing you on your next visit south.

With love, Steve

Grahame : Cheers big pal. Hopefully will be down quite soon and the next reunion is on of my wish list. Hope things are good at your end. Will give you a call in the next day or two. Take care x
Love you Graham - enjoy the time with your beautiful family in Disneyland.

Grahame : Huge thanks Georgia xxx
Thinking of you all Grahame. What a brave and inspirational man you are! Teaching us all a good solid lesson on savoring every moment. I made Steve get his prostate checked (he said to thank you - kidding, he’s not thanking anyone ;)). He knows it’s more than important though so I’m thanking you on his behalf for the reminder. You’ll be staying in our thoughts (especially taking that many weans to Disney :)). Much love from the States xoxo

Grahame : Thanks so much for the lovely kind comments Lynsey and so glad Steve got checked out ok. Take care and love to you and the family x
Gigi,..I know that you will do it your way defy all in your Garven style. Find the joy in every little thing, Arran ..will south your soul, and I look forward to many crazy nights ahead and laughs lots of laughs.
Hugs my friend

Grahame : Cheers Kerrie and you never know, we may be neighbours soon :).
Hopefully see you very soon x
Thinking of you my friend...xxxx

Grahame : Cheers pal. Keep well and catch up soon x
Keep bucking that trend Graham, enjoy every moment with those who you choose to be with. Hope to be heading towards the med next month for some much needed sunshine, will be raising a glass to you while enjoying a homemade curry. So glad to have met and enjoyed both of your company not forgetting Floyd. Stay strong, cheers my friend.

Grahame : cheers for the lovely comments guys. Keep well and enjoy the sunshine when it comes x
Sorry to hear this Jocky, not much I can say but to wish you well for the immediate future. Happy to say I had a scan down there a few weeks ago, and nothing to report.

Grahame : Great news you checked out OK Paul, Take care and catch up soon.
You are truly remarkable. Keep up the fight..Love Rina

Grahame : Thanks Rina and hope you are well x
You are truly an incredible human being. Sending much love to you and your family. Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breathe away.

Grahame : Thanks Zelna and so true. Keep well x
Dearest Grahame, so very sad to hear that it hasn’s gone as we all hoped against hope that it would. Your fight has been amazingly inspirational, & it’s been very humbling to follow your journey. Much love to you, Mary & all the gang. Hope to speak soon xx

Grahame : Thanks so much for the lovely comments Jeannie. Not giving up the ghost just yet :>). Hopefully we will be able to catch up again sooner rather than later. Love to all the family x
Grahame, I am so sorry to hear this.
You have been a great friend for the many years that I have known you and will continue to be in my thoughts & prayers.
Peace and blessings be with yo and your family at this time and always.
Your Friend, Carl Haithcox

Grahame : Thanks so much big friend. Take care, keep well and love to you and your family x
Grahame, you are not only my favourite cuz, but also my bravest and most inspirational one. As you say you have bucked the trend in the past so I wouldn't be surprised if you do it again. Big hugs xxxx

Grahame : Ah shucks, thanks fav cuz. Just purchased a small static in Lamlash. Will get you and Shaz over very soon. xxx
To my favourite Jock - sorry to read this mate but I know you will continue to fight on. You are lucky enough to have an amazing missus and family who will do everything in their power to make as many memories as possible. Stay positive- thanks for the update. Love ya wee jock 😜👍🏼 - Johnsie.

Grahame : cheers big pal and making it a target to get down for next BofA summer reunion. Keep well and love to all the family x
Chemo itself takes such a toll on the body. My mum experiences the same fatigue after each treatment. Your attitude is an inspiration Graeme. I think you'll have helped so many people by sharing your thoughts and feelings. Thank you for this blog.

Grahame : Thanks so much Claire. If the blog helps one person, it will have been more than worthwhile x