Cara running London Marathon for Cancer Research

Posted on 22nd January, 2019


Hi amazing friends and family,


My daughter Cara is running the London marathon on April 28th 2019 in aid of Prostate Cancer research.


Please sponsor her to hopefully help eradicate this nasty disease for the generations to come. Even just a couple of quid if you can, every penny counts.


nb. Cara and I can go halfers on a wheelchair after the run, sure she will need it anyway :>)


Cheers, Grahame

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Done! Good luck Cara. Grahame I’m going to contact you about another therapy I learned of today. I returned a guest’s wallet that I found and he was so grateful. His wife has cancer spread over a load of areas and she had this therapy and the doctors are amazed. Maybe you have heard about it, or maybe not. I’ll send the details. Lots of love, Lesley xxx