Advanced Prostate Cancer : Doing it my way

Posted on 20th February, 2017


My name is Grahame Garven, an ordinary guy ( some would say ! ) with a beautiful and caring wife ( my wee Marydoll ), 4 amazing children ( and their partners ), 6 adorable grandchildren ( at the last count  !) and a big daft retriever called Floydy. I have lots of very close friends and like nothing better than having all my ‘special’ people close to me.



I enjoy the normal things in life, socialising, laughing, parties,  alcohol, hot curries, football and good old 70s rock music :>)

Unfortunately, I also have terminal stage 4 prostate cancer with a ‘less than promising’ outlook  !!



  Far too much to give up, so I decided to ‘take control’     and try and do something about it myself.





I now wish I had been more aware of ‘alternative’ treatments and therapies before I jumped on the gravy train and followed the ‘conventional’ treatment for my prostate cancer over the past seven years, which is now Stage 4 and metastasized into my bones !!

At no stage in my 7 year cancer journey were alternative treatments discussed and I wish I had fully understood the importance of diet especially with regards to sugar content .


The hormone therapy managed to totally kill my libido, shrank my manhood to half the size, helped grow me a fine pair of man boobs and left me feeling totally exhausted, lethargic and drained !  The radiotherapy, although painless to have, damaged my bladder and visits to the loo are much more frequent and well into double figures some nights !

I have now had enough of the GP appointments every 4 weeks for the PSA blood tests, followed by the Oncology appointments to determine if I was keeping my head above water or deteriorating enough to qualify for the next form of treatment ! 


Nothing was going to get any better, so it felt very much like a steep downward spiral.  At the end of February 2017, I decided to stop ALL the conventional medication and try my own thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I have not gone against the NHS and conventional medication,  I strongly believe our NHS is one of the best in the world and some of the conventional treatments available are second to none. The NHS has certainly supported me very well over the years, but and a big but.............sometimes you wonder if it is in the big pharma companies vested financial interests not to find a cure for cancer, heart disease, stroke and other major diseases !!  They make trillions of dollars on patented primary treatments and on drugs to counter the side effects !  Is it really in their interests to promote natural remedies and cures ?  I’ll let you form your own opinions on this :>) 


I stopped the Enzalutamide, Hormone injections, Statins, Ace Inhibitors and Beta Blockers. The only ‘drug’ I am still on is a 75mg aspirin. I am now taking Cannabis Oil and a number of supplements and treatments that I will list further down the blog



 I felt empowered and liberated, a human being again and

 not just a hospital patient number !








Unfortunately, no more Motherland Spice curries ( sorry Madhav and Radha ! ) Kandy Bar pies, rolls and slice and haggis suppers ( at least  for a while :>)


I decided to create this blog to hopefully help others in a similar situation. If it helps 1 person, then it will have been worthwhile. Please share with your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter and I will post regular progress updates.


Marydoll and I have done a lot of reading and research and we got really useful information and knowledge from many places but particularly the following :

  • The Truth about Cancer ( Ty Bollinger ) : Check out on YouTube
  • The Cancer Whisperer ( Sophie Sabbage ) : Paperback
  • Phoenix tears ( Facebook Group )


A little more about myself and my health history ( if you are interested, and might help you get to sleep !! )


Age 42 : I was living in London and working for the Bank of America as a Vice President and Systems Manager.

Playing 5 a side footie at Crystal Palace, I felt breathless and a  tightness in my chest so went into goals for a rest !!

I was taken to casualty where I lay for several hours before they realised I had had a heart attack, maybe because I was laughing and asking Marydoll ( MD ) to get me a Mars Bar from the local garage,  as I was starving!

Anyway all hell broke loose, I was rushed to St Georges Hospital Coronary Care and given a clot busting drug which caused my whole body to go into anaphylactic shock followed by multi organ failure. Spent 12 days ventilated in ITU and three weeks in Cardiology. I was informed at a later date that it was touch and go for a while but I was going nowhere!! I had a difficult recovery period , relocated back to Scotland and after a few months was back to being me again.


Age 52 : Living in West Kilbride and working for IBM as Inside Sales Strategy and Infrastructure manager for Europe.

While walking the dog down the beach one sunny afternoon my wife realised I was breathless and had angina pain. No messing with MD so back to Cardiology for a full heart MOT. My Angiogram was booked and  I was sitting very relaxed when my Consultant informed me that I had three blockages in  my coronary arteries and that I needed Quadruple Heart  Bypass asap. I was genuinely shocked as I had been feeling fine but I just got on with having the big zipper down my chest, and lovely grafts from my arm and leg. I recovered quickly as the Quadruple bypass was a walk in the park compared to my previous  cardiac experience and I was back working full time six weeks later.


8 months later --------


Age 53 : Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer Diagnosis 2010

Started getting up to pass urine more at night and was aware that my bits didn’t feel the same. Noticed that there was no semen on ejaculation and there was some blood in my urine.

Marydoll nagged me to go to my GP, I had blood tests and soon heard the first mention of cancer and  PSA , three letters which then began to rule my life. First PSA was 37 and was followed by swift referral to Oncology and horrible biopsy which confirmed that the cancer had already spread from the prostate gland to the seminal vesicles and surrounding area. (Gleason score,7)

This was not what I wanted to hear age 53 and the options I was given were even less appealing to both myself and MD.

I was started on hormone treatment which forced my testosterone down and stole all my manhood from me. This was followed by 30 radiotherapy sessions, all painless but left me completely shattered and pee'ing for Scotland !


Age 55

2 years later my PSA was non detectable and  we were all delighted :>) Amazing news but unfortunately fairly short lived !!


9 months later –------  56


A routine test showed  my PSA had  shot back up to 21 and  I was given the news that the cancer had returned. This was more difficult to accept second time round as I now knew that this was going to be a totally different ball game.

To have to go back on the hormone treatment was devastating but to be informed that I would now need to continue this awful medication indefinitely was worse.

I then began the rollercoaster of stress for myself and  all the family when attending appointments and  waiting on the dreaded PSA results while constantly trying to find ways to ease the chronic fatigue and sleepless nights as well as my testosterone being forced back to zero!!!

It was a horrible time for all the family waiting for the news and  wondering what was going to happen next.


3 years later at 59 I had to retire due to exhaustion and side effects of the drugs.


Finally after my PSA still continued to rise, scans confirmed cancer was now in my bones and I knew that I was heading for the downhill slope, if you read all the research available re life expectancy etc  it is not a good outlook !!

The last scans I had showed the cancer had spread to the illium, ribs, both humerus and spine.













I followed  my conventional medicine regime for 8 months and then decided enough was enough and I needed to try something else.


So here it is, my new regime:-



I am currently on the following supplements / treatments :

  • RSO Cannabis Oil : 1ml per day ( 2/3 suppositories and 1/3 orally ), approx 90 day programme
  • Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese ( Budwig cure ) : Daily
  • Essiac Tea ( Rene Caisse recipe ) : Weekly
  • Aspirin : 75mg daily
  • Apple Cider Vinegar : 720mg tablet daily
  • Garlic : 1000mg tablet daily
  • Magnesium : 500mg tablet daily
  • Green Tea : 1000mg tablet daily
  • Berberine : 500mg tablet daily
  • Vitamin D3: 2500iu tablet daily
  • Turmeric : 600mg tablet daily
  • Resveratrol :1000mg tablet daily
  • Pomegranate : 10000mg tablet daily
  • Serrapeptase : 80000iu tablet daily
  • Vitamin C : 1000mg tablet daily
  • Massage : weekly massage at Mandy's Holistic Massage, amazing !!
  • Nutrablasts : Smoothies with Spinach, Kale, fruit, berries and nuts etc : once or twice a day
  • Coffee enema : approx weekly
  • Essential oils including Frankincense,Myrrh ,Lavender and Black Pepper (daily vaporised)
  • Cut down drastically with sugar, red meat, alcohol, fizzy drinks etc












Please feel free to add any questions or comments on my blog's Guestbook page and I will get back to you



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Grahame : Hi Kate, Big thanks for the info and advice. Amazing news regarding your son, I hope he continues to thrive and keep well x
hi grahame. ive been reading ur blog. i didnt realise how awful things had been for you. i know you have a tremendous family and they keep you going i want to wish you all the very best. i know it can be hell at times and you have to dig deep for strength at times. i too have not been so lucky health wise recently. i thought my world had ended when i was diagnosed with corticalbasal degeneration. but i came to terms with it over afew years. but last year i developed sepsis. i know that fiona has probably told u. iwas in a coma and suffered multiple organ failure. i really wasnt expected to live. but i did. but it left me with necrosis in my feet and hands. ive had to fight like hell to keep my legs. have suffered amputations to both feet and one hand. and im riddled with MRSA. I have no shoes and cant walk very far. the pain is hell. like u, ikeep getting up and fighting and i couldnt do it without sheena, the kids and some very good friends. i just had to drop u a line to say im thinking about u. u take care big man.

love allison

Grahame : Hi Allison, my journey has not been good but a walk in the park compared to yours ! You are one amazing person and Sheena and your family must be so proud of you. Keep fighting girl and hopefully we can meet up before to long and share a bottle of wine or 2 and our hospital adventures.
Love to Sheena, family and most of all you xxx
Thanks for sharing such an incredible and inspiring story. Really hope you see the benefits of the alternative treatments soon.

Grahame : Many thanks for the kind words
Hi Grahame,
I hope this note catches you on one of your better days. As cancer tends to be, there are good days, not so good days, and horrible days. Either way, you clearly have put up a fight! I had no idea you have been fighting this long. As you say, you've obviously got far too much to give up, with such a rich life with kids and grand-kids. I myself, at 53, have recently checked up my PSA and, fingers crossed, so far everyting is ok.

I wish you all the best and that your alternative therapies can turn this bugger around.

All the best! Martin.

Grahame : Great to hear from you Martin and thanks for the lovely comments. Take care and keep well
Hi Graham, ( greetings from across the pond ) Glad to see you still have a smile on your face. Been a few years since we actually talked & worked on things together. Its great to see the picture of you and your grand children. Keep up that great positive attitude you have and enjoy your grand kids.

Best Regards .. Jeff

Grahame : How you doing ? Huge thanks for the lovely comments. Take care
Hi Grahame what a fantastically positive blog your a real hero never realised how ill you have been anyone in similar circumstances reading that would be so inspired by your courageous fight back Kindest Regards to everyone I keep thinking about the buckets water fight in Ten B with you me and Proffessor Bill

Grahame : Cheers Mick, happy days :>) Was over seeing Bill last weekend and took in a Barca game. Been a while, need to catch up soon. Hope you are well
Your spirit and outlook is inspiring. I'll be following your progress with great interest from Texas. Blessings and love to you, Mary and the family. Brigid

Grahame : Many thanks Brigid, fingers crossed. Take care and Mary says hello xxx
You've had some fight on your hands Grahame and I'm glad to see you have plenty left.
The best of luck with your new plan. I will be following your blog. Much love ❤️

Grahame : Hi Carmen, many thanks, Yep there is a still bit of gas in the tank :>)
Take care xxx
Hi Grahame, I'm interested in the treatment side of your approach. How did you decide on what non conventional therapies to try out? Was this through certain recommendations online or through your own reading?

Good luck in your battle

Grahame : Hi SC, I got most of the therapy and supplement information by reading lots of articles on the internet and youtube. My inspiration came from reading the Cancer Whisperer by Sophie Sabbage and then the Truth about Cancer series on youtube with Ty Bollinger, but there is lots out there, some very sad stories but also some minor miracles ! Take care and cheers for your support, Grahame
Grahame, I considered you my best friend for many years. The cards at your house, the many many 5-a-sides and the full matches we organised, day trips to France and other outings. Pink Floyd at Wembley. That time in the train going to the England/Scotland game when the Jocks were singing 'if you all hate the English clap your hands' . You took me to Ibrox and Duncan Furguson was sent off for fighting.

I have so many happy memories of you and Mary hen. I admire your courage and fortitude. A lesser man would have succumbed. Keep up the fight.

Grahame : Happy memories and lots of them and you still are one of my best mates :>). Many thanks for the kind words of support. Hopefully you will be at the BofA reunion at the builders in July and we will get more time to catchup. Love to you and Sally xxx
Hey! Fantastic blog definitely worth sharing! We met many many years ago at Vickys 18th (and maybe a few other times when we snuck back to the house tripping over our toes on a friday night!;-)
I live in France now and here, alternative treatments are very popular and are showing their worth. Also worth looking into is fasting, I have a friend who went to a special center with extraordinary results! My grandmother also refused chemo in favor of natural treatment and it bought her years against liver cancer without all the nasty side effects!
Good luck on your battle, and please keep the high spirits, they are inspiring to us all!

Grahame : Hi Amanda, happy days :>) Many thanks for your comments and kind wishes. Would be very interested to hear more about your grandmothers and your friends treatments. Fasting sounds a bit challenging but amazing if it works.
My email address is
Take care and thanks again x
First met you and your lovely wife an Lab in The George in Inveraray. My thoughts were what a gorgeous dog initially, then after having a natter to you both you came across , very jolly and having the best time , I then was not aware of your condition.
What I will say is never loose that spark you have . I wish you nothing but the best , stay positive, keep the fight . Have faith .
Our best wishes Les & Gill xx

Grahame : Hi Gill ( and Les ), hehe, he's a big daft dug but a belter all the same :>)
Huge thanks for your kind words and positive comments.
Take care and hopefully bump into you again soon xxx
I dont know you personally Grahame but I know your kids and your story was a very humbling read. Fair play to you for documenting your journey and im sure it will help others fighting the same battle. Stay strong mate and I wish you and the family all the best!

Grahame : Many thanks for your kind words of support David.
Thank you for posting this. Very moving, informative and so very helpful.

Grahame : Cheers James, as I said in my blog, if it helps one person, it will have been worthwhile. Take care and thanks.
Sooooo excited for you on this journey to the other side I medicine. Your love ❤ your spirit, your sparkling soul inspires us all 😆 see you soon

Grahame : well still a bit too early to visit the 'Dark side of the Moon' :>)
Huge thanks Kerrie, talk soon and hopefully see you in the summer, Lots of love xxx
Shocked to read this as I didn't know you've been ill Grahame. Wishing you success with your alternative treatment and good results from hospital.
Norman (Stevenston RSC)

Wishing you both my very best on this hard journey. Keep up with what you're doing and kick this horrible disease with all the strength you can muster.

Mary may remember my cousin Louise Moss (nee Duddy) I believe they nursed together way back in Croydon. Just a wee memory there.
With all good wishes.

Grahame : Hi Ann / Norman, many thanks for your kind words of support. I remember Louise ( and Michael ) very well and Mary and I would love to catch up with them again. Do you have an email address or phone number please ?
Take care and thanks again
I read your story and can't believe you are actually ill...from the pictures. I admire your fighting spirit. Enjoy your lovely family. I lost my parents very for the moment and I hope alternative treatments work for you.
I had Vikki's lovely girls in the nursery
Good luck for the future

Grahame : Many thanks for the kind words and support Vivienne, too much to give up ! Take care x
Hi there.....wishing you all the luck in the world. I actually know your daughter Vikki and son in law Scott.
My own mother has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.....Following the all clear just months before after beating stomach cancer. She has also battled bowel and ovarian cancer 20 years ago. She had chemo before and after they removed her stomach and I believe, this stripped her immune system so much and exposed her to more cancer as they took biopsies from 20 surrounding lymph nodes when her treatment finished and was all clear.....within less than 8 weeks she had a big tumour on her liver and spread to her peritoneum. She had never had chemo when she had cancer 20 years ago as they just removed the tumour and lived very happy and healthy until 2 years ago when the stomach cancer was diagnosed. main reason for dropping this message is that I have came across the same research as you....However have never been able to find where I can purchase this rick Simpson oil.....can u possibly give me info on how you got it?. She has been using cannabis oil though and for someone who, 9 months ago was given 6 to 9 months to live she was doing well.
she then started a new clinical trial 4 weeks ago at the beatson, and 2 days later ended up in hospital for 10 days. It was a horrible few weeks of just not being herself. They think it was too strong for her....she has been great the last few days but decided to give the chemo another try so went to the beatson today. I'm just hoping it doesn't knock her for six like the last dose.
I'd just like to be able to tell her that some one locally is having success with the cannabis oil so that she sticks with it. Although she is taking it (we have sourced this ourselves it's not rick Simpson oil) I don't think she believes in it therefore isn't taking enough because she knows how much it costs!! I will let her know.some of the other natural remidies you have listed. She was up till a few weeks ago still working, for the Nhs as a podiatrist which she has been for 40 years. The sudden deterioration in her has been quite a shock for us all and we are just looking for some hope.
Thanks and again wishing you health and happiness

Grahame : Hi Debbie, please contact me again on messenger again if you want more info or just to talk. Hope your mum's condition improves
Take care x
You are an inspiration to be able to share all this with others and hoping that it helps one other person, it has certainly opened my eyes to the effects of prostate cancer and the side effects of treatment. My family went through a very similar experience with a loved one (different type of cancer) a few years ago and alternative therapies and treatments were tried, I think successfully to a certain extent. My mother in law's cancer was also terminal but she lived longer than the doctors expected her to after diagnosis, she was also kept going by her grandchildren. She went on a few special retreats to places which could support her in her holistic approach. Wishing you and all the family good luck and positive energy for the journey ahead.

Grahame : Hi Pamela, many thanks for your kind comments and sharing the positive stories about your family and mum in law. I am also sure that my 6 wee grandkids will keep me going for a while yet :>)
Take care x