Update 3rd May 2017

Posted on 3rd May, 2017


I have been on the Cannabis Oil now for over 2 months and am up to the optimum dosage of 1ml per day. Originally I took all the oil orally, but the constant ‘highs’ proved to be extremely challenging !   Now I take 2/3 ml via suppositories and 1/3 ml orally in the evening about an hour before bed.  Still very tired, exhausted and lethargic but not as Zombie like as I was before.   A side effect of the oil is the ‘munchies’ so finding it hard to find something to satisfy my cravings that is not sugar or fat !!   It’s a hard life :>)  My muscles are very stiff and it can be quite an effort to do any remotely physical, been a pretty tough couple of months but no severe pain and on the whole feeling positive and looking forward to a ‘big swally’ when the main Cannabis treatment is finished :>). I get my PSA bloods taken on 19th May followed by my first Oncology appointment for 4 months on 26th May.  


Fingers crossed and will keep you posted.

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Thank you Graham for sharing all these, it is a very brave thing to do and i do hope you'll keep writing! ;-)
I am very sorry for you and all your family for what happened! You have all been throught so many things already!... I'm sorry...but I 'm glad to see all these positives thoughts and nice pictures on FB too!
I'm thinking of you all and sending you lots of positives blessings! you all deserve the best!
thank you as you have all been a family for me! xxxx keep fingers crossed for the 26th! xxxx

Grahame : Hi Maggie, many thanks for all the lovely comments and support. Take care x
You are such a brave man and a massive inspiration to others that are also suffering Graham. Thank you for sharing your journey with cannabis oil ......people should be allowed to make an informed choice on their health and should have access to all forms of pain relief no matter how much the media portray it as being contraversial , it helps people who are in pain and that should be enough .......no controversy required ! Hope your still smiling as always.....Leigh

Grahame : Hi Leigh, many thanks for the support and positive comments. Just back from your uncle Bills in Barca and still smiling :>)
Take care x
Keep positive , a good swally sounds great x

Grahame : Can't wait, cheers Sue x
Hi Grahame, John shared your blog with me. I'm very interested in the use of cannabis as medicine which I believe could help millions of people with their treatments and overall quality of life. Thank you for sharing your journey. John speaks so fondly of you that you already seem like an old friend I've never met:)

Hi Judith, fingers crossed. Great to hear from you and thanks for the lovely comments and support.
Good man that hubby of yours :>)
Take care both of you and hopefully we will get a chance to meet up before too long xxx
My favourite cuz on cannabis?!!!! This I have to see.......let's have an "Arran Retreat" weekend sometime? Xxxx

Grahame : Hehe, feel like a young hippy again :>) Definately, lets do it. I will see whats available in the next couple of months. Love to Sharon xxxx
Hi Grahame, good to hear your not taking this lying down - I heard from Davy Priest over a few beers in the Crown last leave about you fighting this & someone else just sent me your website, Now reading this out in Thailand, heard a lot of great things about cannabis oil, so much that there has got to be something in it, everybody cannot be wrong......

Sending positive waves big man, regards to Marydoll....p.s. if you guys ever stuck for lifts or transport send us an email, I'm just up the road, flying home from Oahu end of June.

Grahame : Hi George, many thanks for the support and kind comments.
Catch up soon for a few beers when you are home, take care.
It's very brave coming away from what we are lead to believe is the right way. But the Doctors in main stream don't have all the answers. Along the way of your new journey you will meet some interesting and wonderful people. Thank you for sharing . X

Grahame : Many thanks for the support and possitive comments Wendy. Take care x
Keep on fighting and taking whatever you need to help you feel good.

Grahame : Cheers Kenny, hopefully catch up soon
All the best Graeme , will keep watching your progress , good for you πŸ‘

Grahame : Many thanks Isabel, take care x
You struggling with the munchies?! Nah! Cos I didn't catch you trying to steal candy off the kids when I left you in the car with them for all of 2 minutes then had to fight a cookie out your hands πŸ˜‚ Love you x

Grahame : hehe, love you xxx
everythings crossed hope its good news xx

Grahame : Many thanks Jean, take care x
Good for you Grahame. I wish you and your family all the very best x

Grahame : Many thanks Elaine, take care x
Can I join you on that "big swally" ??? 😜🍺🎀

Grahame : Sure can buddy, your hut or mine ? :>)
I truly believe in Cannabis treatment
The munchies are difficult but try to eat at least low calorie snacks
You're extremely stubborn (I know you from old) so please stay that way and you'll beat this πŸ’—πŸ’—

Grahame : Thanks Rina, are you sure you have the right Grahame Garven :>)
Take care and keep well x