Humbled by your support

Posted on 6th May, 2017

Hi all,

A massive thanks for all your support with my prostate cancer journey. My blog has had over 5000 hits already. I am totally blown away and humbled by the response.

I am over in Barcelona for a long weekend with Jonny to see Barca and ma wee pal Bill, so haven't had a chance to reply to all your questions and lovely messages as yet, but will reply to you all.

nb : if you put a comment / question on the blog, please put your full name or even better your email address to make it easier for me to get back to you.

Wishing all my fantastic family and friends a great weekend and talk soon 😘

Grahame ( or Jocky, Sponge or big G 😂 )


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Hope you enjoyed Barcelona, I can hear your accent and wit when I read your blogs Grahame, I remember meeting you in person the first time in Killarney, I really liked your down to earth attitude and it still shines through in your posts. I hope to read more optimistic updates regularly and I wish you the best with your treatment. Your blog is inspiring, Take care

Grahame : Many thanks for your kind comments Ayoub. Killarney was great but Barca was even better :>), take care.

Hi Grahame, sorry to hear of your ongoing battle and your strength and ability to fight it. Thinking of you buddy and there's always a posse at the ready for your travels. Damien

Grahame : Cheers Damien, really appreciated. Take care.
Hi Grahame.....sorry to ear you about it.......and I'll be glad to be with you on this fight against cancer........but from the other side you're a strong man, and I'm convinced you'll be able to win the battle.... so keep going we're with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ciao LELE

Grahame : Ciao Lele, many thanks for your supportive comments. I've got a lot of fight left in me yet :>) Take care
Hi Grahame , you may remember me from IBM !! sharing many team calls together and the odd night out In Killarney :) I always had the upmost admiration for you as a colleague and am not surprised you are leading from the front as always both in meeting this battle head on and in sharing your story to help others . I will be thinking of you and following your posts , if ever you fancy a bit of quiet night out in Dublin - let me know and we can willingly round up a posse !!

Grahame : Remember you very well Grainne and very fondly. Many thanks for the kind and supportive comments. A night ( not so sure about quiet ! ) in Dublin sounds great x
Loving your blog Jocky - Keep it up! Hope to see you in July. Take care 💋X

Grahame : Cheers Tanya and look forward to July x
Hope you enjoyed the time with the lads and are living the dream. Fondly remember our day and few pints in Salou and look forward to the next time.

Grahame : Cheers Des, was a good day and hopefully we can meet up again before too long. Take care