Down but not out !

Posted on 28th May, 2017

Got my blood results back earlier in the week but unfortunately not what I had hoped for ! 


My PSA has quadrupled over the last 3 months.  It looks like the Cannabis oil hasn’t worked for me, although I have read many positive stories from other people. So it's back to the drawing board for me !


I saw my Consultant Oncologist on Friday and she has put me back on the Enzalutamide and Hormone Injections and she has booked an MRI and a nuclear bone scan, both of which I should hopefully get in the next couple of weeks or so.


All very disappointing, but I am still quite upbeat and there are other things out there that I will focus on more now.  It was very hard work managing the highs from the cannabis oil, so from that perspective I am quite glad the course is finished. Also, I won’t miss the oil slicks in my underwear  everytime I sneezed :-)


My family have been fantastic as always and all rallied round to support me. The icing on the cake was when my wee Barra ( Cara ) arrived at the front door unannounced. All the way from New York, a brilliant surprise and so glad to see her.


I am still very positive which is helped by the fact that I do seem to buck trends. Having said that, if I was a cat, my 9 lives would be up already :-)


   I have survived the following so far :

  1. Heart attack followed by complete organ failure and on full life support for 10 days
  2. Quadruple coronary heart bypass
  3. 7 years of cluster headaches ( which was the worst of all believe it or not ! )
  4. 15 kidney stones and gall stones
  5. 2 minutes out of platform 1 in Bologna station where a bomb went off killing over 60
  6. My old family house in Lockerbie was the first pictured in the news after the PanAm flight came down ( we had left many years before, but still spooky ! )
  7. Caught in the first hurricane in Atlanta Georgia for over 100 years where I was over working
  8. Helicopter crashed into the Clutha vaults pub, my local in Glasgow and it came down where we always stood for the live music
  9. A 150 year storm that took the roof off the IBM blue building in Greenock whilst amongst others, myself and my UK and Ireland team were right underneath all the damage
  10. The recent 5 – 1 drubbing we got courtesy of our Glasgow neighbours !!
  11. ??

You just never know !!


Anyway, off to Tenerife today with Marydoll, Tommy and Julie for a week doing nothing in the sun to recharge the batteries and start again.   Will keep you posted.


Couldn’t resist sharing a couple of pictures of my beautiful wee grandkids :>)




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Comments (7)

Enjoy Tenerife Grahame ! Your grandkids are super cute :D

Grahame : Thanks Berengere, we had a great wee break. Take care x
Hope your luck is still holding out, you have managed to beat some great odds so far! Keep us posted on your progress x

Grahame : Cheers guys and as I said, down but not out. Hopefully catch up soon, July in the builders ? Love to the family xxx
Sorry Grahame it didn't work out the way you hoped for. You are a man of determination, and you will not stop trying to find a way that helps you!! You have a beautiful family which I am sure inspires you to keep going. Loved working with you and the smashing team we had - await your next blog and hope it contains some good news - have a great holiday xx

Grahame : Thanks Fiona, we did have a great team, full of gems like yourself. Take care and love to the family xxx
Have a great holiday as I know time spent with Marydoll is what you need at present. Oh well, cannabis oil didn't work so let's try the next thing. Gorgeous grandchildren, what did you expect, look at their grandfather 😜Xx

Grahame : hehe, c'mon, they are all good looking. Take care xxx
Sending love ❤, onwards and upwards, warrior, ye will no be beat my friend. Fooschmoonumbersfuckpsa. Ill see ye soon have a blast with those crazy pals.
Love those kids, fab pictures, relish all the surprizes, here's to many more.😍

Grahame : Cheers Kerriedoll, missing you so get your bum over here very soon. Love you xxx
Have a wonderful holiday.. So happy that I met you .Keep being positive and keep being an inspiration to all of us You hsve a truly beautiful family

Grahame : Thanks for the kind words Rina. We had some fun times in our managers meetings. Hope you are well. Take care xxx
Hi Graeme
Sorry to read that your results from the cannabis oil weren't as hoped. As always, your determination and indomitable spirit shines through, and reading your blog it is clear that you are a true survivor in life who can tackle anything. Glad you and Mary are off to enjoy some r&r in the sun now, and have no doubt that you will return more energised and as determined as ever xx
Beautiful photographs of your grandchildren, you must be so proud of them all xxx

Grahame : Huge thanks Debbie, hope all is good with the Smiths. Take care and love to you and Craig xxx