Treading water !!

Posted on 22nd November, 2017

Not a huge amount to report at the moment so just a short update.


My PSA blood count is continuing to rise so it looks like the Abiraterone treatment is not working for me.  I have had recent nuclear bone and CT scans and will discuss the results at my next Oncologist consultant appointment on December 15th.


If the CT scan shows no metastasis to my organs, the probability is that my consultant will take me off the Abiraterone and put me onto Radium 223 treatment to hopefully slow the tumour spread in the bones. This will entail 6 monthly visits to the Beatson for Radium 223 injection.s


Although I am still not in a lot of pain, I am getting stiffer by the day and getting more exhausted and tired !!


On a brighter note, off to London this weekend with Marydoll to see wee Cara and meet up with all my Bank of America mates for a reunion and a good few wee swallies :>)


Then next Friday ( 1st Dec ) is Katie's wedding which we are all really looking forward to.


Keep well and happy and I will put a more comprehensive update on my blog after my next Oncology appointment.





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