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Posted on 21st December, 2017

Hi All, a fair bit to report since my last blog update !


I visited my oncologist last week, where she gave me an update regarding recent scans and blood tests.  In the areas the bone metastasis had previously been identified,  there has been significant growth. However, the better news is that is has not spread to any new areas in my bones. There was also a new 1 cm growth identified in my lymph nodes in my groin area but my consultant didn't seem too worried about this which is good enough for me :>).


My PSA blood count continues to rise so my consultant has taken me off the Abiraterone treatment. I was given the choice of Chemotherapy or Radium 223 injections and after much discussion and debate opted for the latter treatment.


Radium 223 is a type of internal radiotherapy. It is a small amount of radioactive material that is taken up by active bone cells in a similar manner to calcium. Cancer cells are more active than bone cells and so are more likely to pick up the Radium 223 and hopefully slow down the cancer spread with the added benefit of providing pain relief.

So its off to the Beatson clinic in Glasgow starting in mid January for 4 weekly injections for the next 6 months.


In general, I have been feeling increasingly tired and exhausted and although not yet in acute pain, very uncomfortable and stiff most of the time.


  On a much cheerier note, our beautiful daughter Katie had

  her dream wedding to 'big' Jamie on December 1st.

  My three daughters were absolutely stunning and the page

  boys and flower girls were just amazing. It was a truly

  fabulous day shared by family and freinds.


 Hopefully 2018  will bring more advances in stage 4 prostate

 cancer treatment.

 Not giving up  the fight yet and looking forward to some nice

 holidays in the year ahead.


 Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy,

 Healthy and Prosperous 2018.





















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Comments (7)

I hope you all have a great and positive 2018 ❤️ The wedding photos are absolutely amazing, what a beautiful family. Looking forward to seeing you soon, in a few months hopefully.
With lots of love,

Grahame : thanks so much Lesley. Hopefully see yourself, Jeannie and Dolly in the summer. Loads of love xxx
What a proud man with such lovely daughters. Best wishes for 2018 and beyond.

Grahame : Cheers big pal, hopefully catch up soon.
Hi favourite cuz, wishing you and the family a very merry Xmas from here in Aotearoa! Feels very strange to be having Christmas in the sun. We are staying 3 days at the Cardrona Hotel north of Queenstown and are here with Ros and Lynne and their son Laurie. Hope your treatment goes well in the New Year and how's about we get another Arran weekend in the diary? Big hugs xxxxxxx

Grahame : Hi fav cuz, sounds like you had a ball in New Zealand. Will check for free dates with Vicky and Scott for their house in Arran and get something booked for the summer. Looking forward to catching up xxx
Hi Grahame
Traceyand myself thinking of you,Mary and the family at this time. Lovely pictures of the wedding. Take care and have a lovely Xmas and new year. Will chat soon.

Grahame : Cheers John. Take care and hopefully catch up soon. Love to the whole family xxx
Hi Graham, really hope that the Radium 223 treatment works for you. Wishing you all the best for 2018. Famiglia Parente xx
Hope you manage to enjoy Xmas with all your children and gran children. The wedding pictures were lovely hugs to you and Mary x

Grahame : Huge thanks Jean. Take care and love to you and family x
Keep fighting the fight Grahame. We love you very much. Have a wonderful time over the festive period and enjoy yourself.

Paul and Rachel.

Grahame : Cheers Paul, all the best and take care x