Still Kicking :>)

Posted on 12th March, 2018

Hi amazing friends and family,


I had a Consultant visit last week and I am now half way through my Radium 223 treatment ( 3 injections so far ) , so thought it was time to add a short update.


In general, I am now a lot stiffer all over and have significant  lower back pain.

Also, feeling very tired and exhausted most of the time, but still managing most things and keeping my spirits high.


I was hoping the Radium would ease the spinal pain, however I have been advised that it can take around three months to have any effect. The way it feels is like carrying a 'rucksack' on my back all day, sometimes full and sometimes less heavy !

 The plan now is a further MRI scan to see what is going on with my old spine and then further bone scans etc when  Radium 223 treatment finishes on June 6th.


We are now no longer concentrating on my PSA blood count number (which is 115) and focusing attention on my bone profile readings (ALP) which gives a more accurate reading whether the radium is having any effect. I am expecting my PSA to continue to rise on this new treatment which is strange having spent the past few years trying to get my PSA down!!!! 

The good news is that my bone profile and other blood results ( excepting PSA ) are all good just now and within the 'normal' ranges.

Have also now had to accept the idea of taking regular pain relief,  having been very stubborn over the past year or so and not wishing to take anything stronger than Paracetamol and Co Codamol !  I am now on  Morphine (fairly low dose) and I am already feeling the benefits. (As always Marydoll was right in insisting that I needed stronger pain relief !!)


We have managed a couple of holidays visiting Prague before Christmas and also a Cannarian Island Cruise in the New Year. The cruise was a complete washout as it rained for 7 full days so no sun to help my old bones !!


Never mind, shall just need to plan another wee trip soon to find some sun.


Got a couple of nights over in Arran in Vicky and Scott's new house with my mates next week and Katie and Jamie move to their new house in Bridge of Weir on Thu 29th March,  so plenty to keep us going and of course all my favourite 'wee people' who always keep a smile on my face.












Poor wee Marydoll, missing her work and having to put up with me 24 x 7.  She deserves a medal. Love her always xxx


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Keep up the good work Graham delighted to hear you are managing to away and good luck with the rest of the treatment.

Grahame : Cheers Des, still plenty of life in the old dog yet. Take care and keep well
Watching you struggle is breaking my heart but love you to the moon and back xxx
Grahame : I would probably be long gone if it wasn't for you MD. You are the star. Love you always xxx
Hi, hope u don’t mind me posting a comment. Had tears in my eyes as I read ur blog... x As a student nurse now.. it’s truly inspiring to read how upbeat you are ... you are an absolute credit to yourself and your family. Keep well and I look forward to reading how you are doing. Mary is always right .. with everything! She was a great comfort to me in years past and she’s a diamond who will be looking after you very well. Take care 😘 Elaine.
Grahame : Hi Elaine, please post as many comments as you like and feel free to share with your nursing colleagues. Huge thanks for your support and maybe you will go into oncology when you qualify ? Take care and keep well xxx
Grahame you are a wonderful inspiration to each and everyone of us ,I admire your strength and determination.
Your family are very lucky to have such a strong influence in their lives and I pray you’ll be there to watch your gorgeous grandchildren all grow up sending you lots off love x x

Grahame : Hi April, huge thanks for your heartfelt comments. Take care x
Love you xxx

Grahame : Love you too wee one xxx
Positive as ever Grahame. Life is precious and you are certainly making the best of yours. The grandchildren help a lot I’m sure not to mention Mary doll and your own kids. Keep your chin up ......we’re all rooting for you. Xxx
Grahame : Hi Carmen, thanks. My family have been amazing, patience of saints :>) Take care and hopefully catch up soon xxx
You started to glow in the dark yet. Stil it save on the electric bill.
Onwards and Upwards. Plenty to keep you busy as far as the photo shows, no wonder your tired.
Grahame : I can't glow green Pete, would get thrown out of the Rangers supporters club :>). Take care, keep well and hopefully catch up at the next BofA reunion in June.
You'll be kicking for a long time yet! We are all beyond proud of our superdad :D xxx
Grahame : Thanks my wee Barra. Love you xxx
What an inspirational gentleman!
Love and best wishes to you and your family x
Grahame : Huge thanks Jacqui. Take care x
Always good to read your upbeat posts Grahame, keep 'em coming! And yes, the ladies are indeed always right - especially these medical types :>) [I have always wanted to use that smiley - you should patent it!!!]
Grahame : Cheers Buddy, hope you are still living life to the full across the pond. Take care, keep well, love to the family and hopefully catch up soon
So glad to hear how you are doing graham as i was thinking of you the other day .Glad your listening to mary doll shes usually right and their is nothing worse than pain . You take care of yourself and give my love to mary hugs jean

Grahame : It's taken a while but I listen now :>) Thanks Jean, take care x
Positive news Jock. I’d put your bad back down to carrying your 5-a-Side team for all those years. Love ya loads xx

Grahame : Never a truer word Tree :>) Take care and catch up soon. Love ya x
Good to hear you're still being positive. Hope to see you later this year at one of Steve's thingies. Love to Mary. Paul & Debz.
Grahame : Cheers Paul, hopefully catch up in June. Take care and love to you and family x
You both deserve a great big medal. Keep us posted with your positive words. Always thinking of you. 🙏😘💕

Grahame : huge thanks Sal, take care and hopefully see you and Steve before too long xxx
You are always an inspiration Grahame. Such a wonderful man, surrounded by a loving, caring, beautiful wife,soul mate and a fantastic family. God Bless. Xx
Josie , Mike & the boys. 😘

Grahame : Huge thanks Jo, you are making me blush ( or maybe it's another hot flush :>) I am sure Mike would echo your words. Keep well and love to all xxx
Great to hear / read about your positive attitude Graham, so pleased your sharing your battle with others. Fyi my brother had his prostrate removed last month and is mending well, fingers crossed.
Go find some sunshine relief soon. Best Regards to yourself Mary and young Floyd. Phil n Sharon
Grahame : Hi Phil, great news on you brother, I am sure he will make a full recovery. Please pass on my best. Hopefully head off to some warmer climes soon and get some heat on the bones. Love to you both and Kendal of course. Take care and keep well xxx
Hi Grahame. Agree with many of the comments here. You have a great outlook and positive approach. I hope the new treatment helps and delivers results. Keep focus on the family and the next holiday in the sun. Look forward to seeing the next update. Take care for now.

Grahame : Cheers Andrew and fingers crossed. Hope you and Sophia are well. Take care big fella.
Hey Jockey, really pleased to hear your update; your attitude is as always so positive. Great that you are able to take short trips, hopefully you can get away soon with Mary and soak up some sunshine, this cold weather must be having a negative affect on your bones. All the best for the MRI scan, let us know your update stay 💪 xx

Grahame : Huge thanks both. Yep a holiday in the sun is a must, especially when you live in the West of Scotland :>). Love to you both and Nino and Bianca and hopefully catch up soon xxx
Sending you and your lovely wife Mary love and to say your marvellous strength and poisitivity is inspirational for others
Rina x

Grahame : Huge thanks Rina, hope you are well xxx
Hi Grahame, thinking of you and you truly are an inspiration to us all! I have been investigating and watching programmes regarding the food we eat and what the benefits are especially to those of us that have cancer and have followed to some extent the diet they suggest to have , since being diagnosed last year I have become vegetarian and eat a lot of raw veg as well as cooked, slow juicing and taking lots of supplements too. I know you will have tried everything in the book but it’s worth a shot if all else fails. Thinking of you in your journey and know that you have it in you to keep on fighting the beast that lives within! Much love Elaine. Xxx

Grahame : Thanks Elaine. As you said, I have tried most things and still take supplements and smoothies full of fruit, veg, nut kernels etc. We keep to a pretty balanced diet but I can't give up my curries and occasional roast dinners etc, life wouldn't be worth living :>). But very well done you. Keep well and hopefully we will get a change to catch up soon. Lots of love xxx
Love reading your updates loving ur positive attitude keep battling and mary is right you need the morphine if i never lived my life on morphine i couldnt cope as im agony 24/7 morphine takes edge off oh it . Keep going your doung great and im sure mary looking after you well amazing lady.

Grahame : Huge thanks Elaine, yes Mary is a rock and keeps me sane. I hope your pain subsides and you can come off the morphine at some point. It does the trick but leaves me a bit woozy !! Take care and get well x
Bless you Grahame. You’re an inspiration, and have a fab family 😀. Sending lots of love. Hope to see you in July when Lesley & I do our road trip in Dolly the motorhome xx

Grahame : thanks Jeannie. Please give us a shout and we can get together for a catch-up. Loads of love xx